Nu-Genesis Wellness Centre, LLC 

612 Washington St
Suite 109
Denver, CO   80203

email: pierre@nugenesismassage.com

Rates and Schedule

Integrative Massage
A complete full-body massage incorporating Swedish, Deep Tissue, and other modalities for the ultimate in relaxation and stress release.

30 min/$40 --- 60 min/$70 --- 90 min/$100

Zoku Shin Do (Japanese Foot Massage)
We abuse our feet so much each day, take time to relax and pamper them with this traditional Japanese foot massage

25 min/$30

Japanese Facial and Foot Massage
Heaven meets earth as a facial revitalizes and rejuvenates your face.  Pamper your feet with a traditional Japanese foot massage.  Finally, align and ground your internal organs as accupressure points on the face are stimulated.

50 min/$80

Godzilla Package
As Godzilla destroys Tokyo, watch how this package knocks out all your stress.  We start with a full body massage, follow it with a Japanese facial, and top it off with a Japanese foot massage.  The ultimate head-to-toe makeover.

90 min/$110 --- 120 min/$140

Postural Evaluation

Tired of chronic pain such as low back or headaches?  Why not determine the cause and develop a plan to eliminate it?

30 min/$30